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Creating reality 8Health
The Spiritual Physicist Health Consultant

*Actively seeking engagement in some of the Worlds most advanced health technology and physics. Warning: this information can be applied in any sector and may give you considerable advantages over unaware and unconscious competition.

We conduct utilisation of subtle energies, alchemy and plasma based solar consciousness for piratical use in:

  • Agriculture
  • Metaphysics and health
  • Sound and light
  • Water and free energy
  • Free economy and conscious awakening
  • Future trends and predictions

(The information in quantum theory and metaphysics now has the ability to solve any problem on the planet, once we are free from oil and oil derivatives like plastic, we can finally move forward to a hemp based economy, and then to a free society economy like the Venus project)

I’m Chris – Certificatean Integrative Health Specialist – Life and Cancer support
Sharing how to create health in your life with integrative methods no matter what the problem.
We believe all conditions are at least reversible if not curable. We Currently utilize

Rife machine therapy for chronic conditions – Hồng Kong

– Rare, natural Cancer support supplements and programs


Consulting Functions:

• Business (advanced metaphysics instruction, more than the law of attraction)

• Products (the worlds most advanced plasma technology and metaphysical plasma technology inspired by keshe)

• Presentations (beyond inspirational motivation, real cause for real change)

• Programs (learn about exactly how to control your life and luck and liberty)


Cancer support health coach – In partnership with T.H.C. CBD based medicine for cancer recovery patients.


Rewarding organic/natural health Products for:

– Dr’s

– Physiotherapists

– Entrepreneurs

– Supplement Shops

– Crystal workers


Our Concept:

Health is like a tree – you can try to fix a damaged branch, or a leaf, you might even be told you can chop off a branch or a leaf completely by a highly skilled and expensive tree surgeon in an attempt to help save the rest of the tree from catching the sickness of a single branch or leaf.

Is there a better way to health?

biology tree feedback

If you care for the roots and give the leaves enough sunshine and love, there is nothing that can’t be healed by the tree itself in its perfect-complete selfishly cell-fish state of inner recycled/served love.
Gone are the old ways of trying to fix one cell, problem or organ at a time.

We believe in giving lasting health to the complete system of mind/body/soul allowing all other connected problems to self-resolve.

true integrative health cannabis

With integrative health we design highly unique and alternative natural programs for individuals to take care of the roots of health while supplying enough sunshine, supplemental living and advice to give the mind/body/soul system back it’s path to health,, and maybe even reprogram it to the next level.