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Belief Project

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The vampire stories have one thing right, darkness has to be invited to be allowed to enter and can be asked to leave


Even Quantum scientists cannot deny any more that the Universe is immaterial and conscious plasmatic and alive —- everything completely —- you —- yes, you are —- jeshua!

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Think of the implications!!! That all is consciousness?

WOW! just ponder that for a day or two and then come back. . . .

Day 2 in the big brother house:

Maybe the ever popular matter = energy equation
expanded to state
Energy isn’t always matter (above a certain speed it’s light)
and then that
Energy is always consciousness! (REAL UNIFICATION)

Energy = Consciousness


Now what do I do ?

If you remove all of the things the human mind has constructed over time
All you are left with are observations and feelings
The observations would be
Ghosts are often referred to as latent emotional left overs
Things like that


Light energy is often perceived to be good
(The Sun = Son(christ) = Consciousness = Plasma)

The sun as The son

The sun as The son

level 2 —- Congratulations
Nothing logical really matters !

The time of worshipping of logic and reason are now over

You have now escaped the male brained conditioned need for restriction by logical proof and recognition from others to feel safety and to make sense of things.

You no longer need to intellectualise and compartmentalise (this is what they do to program minds to get the host of the mind to act as a confused/afraid slave)
LIFE for the last 26,000 years!! SIMPLE isn’t it?

for example:
Logic = 100101011011010001110010100 (meaningless strings of separation —- no energy)
Feeling = ø 8 @ $ % & * € # ¢ § † ∆ ∂ Ω ~ (shapes of love, meaning —- energy creation)
They know you worship £ ¢ # € $ ∆ † (Thats why they attached them to things like money, companies and religions)
Carbon6 (6p/6n) this is the CUBE or BOX shape representing the human BODY 666
They use this subtle energy to control you by attaching these shapes to companies and money
This makes you worship —- money and the body —-being human 666 in his image 999 Gods

Revelation 13:16-18] And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Take the mind – shake it apart with Trauma and boundaries and laws and rules and names and logic and intellectuality and knowing – ignore all the in between and this is how you take control of minds of others – with confusion – with the learning of MY language.

Level three is the accepting of the divine feminine inside you which creates the holographic nature of our conscious reality.

According to studies,
we actually absorb light from the Earths potential energy all the time!
our bodies consume electrons —- delicious electrons —- not dirty incoherent ones.

This makes sense since we are made of a lot of them! (light energy)
That would be so easy if we didn’t need to eat!

so to be healthy we have to be more like light?
always moving? shining? Dancing? Self-expressing?

if Light were still, it would have aligned it’s self with a reference frame outside of it’s own!
and that would be instant slowing-down for light!
light would condense to matter

The nature of light tells us that if we align with the frequency/system of another
then we merge with that system
we become like it (this is the law of attraction)
like attracts like – free will sets things apart again

It seems that if one thing shares the same properties as something else
The same frequency implies a shared consciousness, shape and place

Resonance attracts, through communication of gravitational heart frequencies
merging with another system adds light, then weight and eventually matter

Focus pulls light into existence of matter by condensation or collection of the same

so do we have to become more like light to be healthy?
Is our focus designed to draw in health?

How is all this controlled?

via conscious free will – luckily to avoid the cold hard LAWS of physics
and the infinite “law of attraction”

we have a built in safety device (boundary to infinity) that stops total movement always in one direction via
conscious choices


Where does belief / beliefs fit into this universal picture?
it can’t be observed by any of the senses or even the heart

So basically it’s something we made up? or hang onto?

rather like the way our body mass hangs on to our light body when we are “awake”
Maybe this is why we need to sleep? to recharge and clean the light body?

Belief does serve to focus our conscious awareness in our current system to keep it stable, solid, make sense of things

and if you want change!

you have to change y/our belief!
(Your = our —- without question Y)

So consciousness creates reality
then belief helps to focus that reality?

Watch the Biology of belief…

“As a matter of fact” ( I don’t like facts! they solidify energy )
our current reality – the race to be right or righteous !!!!

YOU my friend are always right and you know it i see you nodding …  if you say it is this way —- then it is and if you say it is that way —- it’s that way this is the power of the female

being always right!!! (ha)

The universe is sound and love everything is gravitational fields of holographic love! split into higher and lower duality —- but it’s not really a duality – it’s just higher and lower —- the meaningless boundaries make it seem dual —- good and bad —- which is why they don’t REALLY exist. But try explaining that to any male brain or intellectual who wasted a lot of money and time on useless education.

They will always try to rationalise why what they did was RIGHT

and of course – so they don’t feel bad for wasting a lot of time and money on something that doesn’t serve the heart.

But enough of that —- we know we are wrong —- how do we make it right?

Now if the following is correct:

Faith is the lack of clinging to something
it is a state of total letting-go


Then A belief is a lack of faith!
we don’t need belief to have faith in the sun/son

A belief ‘you have’ —- ‘A faith’ is the lack of having
because we cling to beliefs like a safety net

A belief in everything or nothing would make sense

but if you believe God IS everything
then why not believe … in everything?

where everything … is also nothing
as a reflection of the self?

a duality of all in one?

Now we are getting intellectual —- we are philosophising


Doesn’t belief always seem to polarize things? Dualise them?
that is – split them in two and compare them to one another


Comparison is the fastest path to misery


and then the small INNOCENT question; what do you believe?
Seems to be a tool of confusion! a tool that opens doors to darkness

Which again serves the 1% elite of course
• to keep us – the 99% second guessing
• fighting, confused
• arguing while the 1% enjoy being at the top with our borrowed time
• to do as they wish …
• in creating our next belief
• that creates our next day of our reality!!

This circumstance is a lucifarian principle —- theft of another mans energy


One man controlling another mans conscious personal energy
a principle that removes the power of consciousness from the individual
owner or creator
and gives it away to a greater ‘outside the self’ entity

These ‘non-self’
(and therefore fictional entities) include:
“God / Gods”
The money / political system
The power grid
Money in general (another ‘God’)
Hollywood stars
and all other central (come and buy it) sources of

non-real / non-self power


It’s ALL illusory! you thought so anyway … you knew it!
YOUR truth is the only 1 that serves nature
This is understanding (faith) —- NOT knowing (belief)

These ruling systems very well hides the fact that the source of power is

NOT centralised

Does not belong to one man nor 1% of men —- it belongs to ALL men
as ALL men are PART of natural-god!

Natures or gods source of power is not centralised
it exists in the beauty of a butterfly
in the inspiration of the stars (not the Hollywood ones)
it is everywhere and for free and can be accessed at any time when you know how
(through the heart)

Is this where we go when we “sleep” to get recharged —- everywhere —- non local —- to the real’m of God?


To continue the explanation of this lucifarian principle (man worshiping other men) …
We give this conscious power of ours away in return for some kind of ‘perceived’ benefit.

But in real reality this is the removal of benefits (power we could not handle)
whenever you want someone else to do things for you (play it safe? or dangerous?)
you have to remove some of your inherent benefits (freedoms)
We set the stage for slavery

A system where people do things for Others and not the self or the 1
They call that selfish and made it sound bad!
They watch and enjoy the free entertainment and conscious energy flowing to them!

YES i’m thinking about Royalty here!


If we make the ONE we are aware of
a King of Queen or Human like God with a face

We have replaced the 1 (the all / god)
with a person or a created caricature
the all – is the all! – God and the Devil
Light and Dark
Good and Bad
Up and Down

without The-All (everything) no-thing would exist!
this is the only 1

so if we worship ANYTHING else

we are committing an un-natural act that man has told us is good
luckily the ruling connective frequency of everything is love
The understanding of DUALITY will set us free

A good question to ask is

What has religion successfully done?

(Although this feels like an attack! —- it is NOT —- yes it is indeed confrontational —- the darkness needs to be confronted —- and it will cry and scream as we ask it to leave —- Gods mind on the other hand would never cry and scream if it were confronted —- because it simply knows love only —- but we should ask why it feels this way firstly —- and it will be revealed)

If religion and belief were of divine origin would it serve to UNITE or DIVIDE?

Where all division and bifurcation or splitting is the moving AWAY from light
and all unification is the joining together the working together is moving TOWARD light

If so at what particular point has religion managed to UNITE?
Or has it pitched us against each other —- *in favour of the 1%?

Has it helped us to think imagine the “CREATOR” is not us?
or we are not part of the “CREATOR”!
(they chose these words VERY carefully to keep the confusion moving on)

That is explicitly stated in religion “you are NOT GOD”
However are we the CREATOR as part of GOD?


If we give away our godly consciousness to another
to one side of DUALITY even?

We do NOT take responsibility for OUR own consciousness
or part of God that was GIVEN to us to borrow WISELY


Then it follows that ‘religious thinking’ does not understand the concept of self and self love, the concept of Christ CONSCIOUSNESS (it is not a person —- even if it WAS a person), this leaves any child of the world open to abuse, as it seeks for approval and love of others.

Expecting one cell of a system to serve all others before its self
is quite literally impassible

However serving the self through the heart / “Christ consciousness” serves all other cells in return – by setting the example of self love or “Christ consciousness” loving you


This causes the one to take responsibility of it’s own consciousness power
thereby reflecting love to all cells in the system instantly by free willed choice

A wise man once said —- ‘everything popular is wrong’
Once we understand this —- we understand the old system

From this point we can simplify ALL religion to their core FAITH
The faith of the power and law of one – the same FAITH all the prophets taught us and we all cried NO it was  HIM not the the OTHER – completely missing the point of the whole teaching UNTIL NOW!!!!

and this concept was the birthplace of the belief-project
Where do you CHOOSE to believe us towards today?


The Spiritual Physicist

Remember if darkness is confronted —- it makes a lot of noise and angry emotion and tries to deny the right for you to question it’s identity because it cannot hide when questioned (why? because it’s PART of YOU) and like a vampire, you sustain its life, it feeds from you, it protects you, since you invited it in by lowering your heart shield to fear, scary movies, excessive habits, monotonous TV hypnotic behaviour etc. these subtle energies are nothing more than energetic vampires which some people call demons, not very scary now eh? you own them!

Subtle energies control everything —- that’s why we have rules to live by so we don’t faulter and let in the low entities that exist in the field of The All or God, God is also a subtle energy and it’s voice speaks through the highest most subtle vibrations which is why you must be clean in bodymind to hear God through spirit.

If Gods will is confronted it opens up in love to reveal it’s identity because it is un-afraid as it is pure oneness and love —- this is how you KNOW, if what you believe in is protecting darkness or light. Gods light gives people the freedom to choose, question and exercise the free will principle.

sun son jeshua

sun son jeshua

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