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Brain Cancer

Important Warnings

If you are dealing with swelling, inflammation or pressure of any kind in your brain, immediately deal with an oncologist or surgeon. Swelling or pressure can cause your heart rate to drop, perhaps leading to the cessation of heart beats completely.

Let medical doctors make decisions about relieving the swelling or pressure. This will generally include steroids and in some cases even radiation. Do NOT depend on ANY alternative cancer treatments to work fast enough to deal with swelling or pressure inside the skull.

It is necessary to deal with swelling, inflammation or pressure before dealing with the cancer.

Any brain cancer patient on any orthodox or alternative cancer treatment that kills cancer cells (which is almost ALL alternative cancer treatments) should carry with them at all times anti-inflammatory drugs. The person should also have with them at all times someone who knows how to use these drugs.

The recommended protocol for this situation is the High RF Frequency Protocol because the High RF Frequency Protocol  starts with the Dirt Cheap Protocol immediately (which primarily reverts cancer cells into normal cells) and then adds a custom liver flush to build the immune system.

Beta Glucans are also recommended (Glyconutrition)

Dirt Cheap Protocol (start TODAY and include generic liver flush – see below)

Issues With Brain Cancer and Orthodox Cancer Treatments

While radiation may be necessary in cases of dangerous swelling and inflammation, using radiation to treat cancer is almost guaranteed to be useless. Let me start with the observations of one person familiar with brain cancer treatments:

  • “Orthodox treatment for brain cancer, especially Children’s, is absolutely appalling. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment cause horrific side-effects and permanent retardation. Very few survive for five years with this treatment. Their quality of life is ghastly, constantly sick from the chemotherapy/radiation treatments, their immune system wrecked by this barbaric treatment.”

I wanted to emphasize the concept of permanent retardation. The wife of a good friend of mine developed brain cancer. She had radiation therapy that effectively made her mentally retarded. It was only afterthis happened that the radiologist admitted to my friend that radiation probably didn’t do any good. Needless to say his wife died.

  • “As a rough estimate, neurosurgeons do well to cure one in every 1,000-brain cancer patients they operate on. Radiation therapy slows the growth of adult tumours, gaining perhaps one month of life, and may result in a cure of only one in 500-1,000 patients. Similarly, chemotherapy, despite 30 years of clinical trials, has not resulted in the development of a single drug or drug combination that elicits more than an occasional transient response in primary brain tumours.”Dr. Robert Burdick, oncologist and professor at the University of Washington Medical School

Brain cancer and brain tumours are somewhat unique because of the “blood-brain barrier,” which severely restricts the types of substances in the bloodstream that are allowed by the body into the brain. While the blood-brain barrier (BBB) is great for protecting the brain from danger, when the brain has cancer cells, the BBB can be a problem.

While there are new chemotherapy drugs which can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, because chemotherapy is worthless in the rest of the body, why would someone think that chemotherapy would do any good running around among the extremely delicate brain cells?

Issues With Brain Cancer and Alternative Cancer Treatments

Brain cancer is one of the trickiest types of cancer for alternative medicine to treat. While it is easy to kill the cancer cells in a brain cancer patient (many alternative cancer treatments easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier), it is not easy to safely kill the cancer cells. The problem is that the debris from dead cancer cells can be very difficult to safely remove from the brain.

Other problems are inflammation and swelling. Before a cancer cell dies it gets sick. The problem is that once the cancer cell gets sick the immune system recognizes the cell as being sick and attacks it and this causes inflammation and swelling. This is not good to happen inside the skull.

One category of alternative cancer treatments that do not cause dangerous inflammation and swelling are treatments that build the immune system and then let the immune system kill the cancer cells safely.

These treatments are generally used in conjunction with a product like Vitalzym, which strips the protein coating around the cancer cells so the immune system has an easier time killing the cancer cells.

The problem with these treatments is that they typically work very slowly and many brain cancer patients do not have enough time left to live to use slow-working alternative cancer treatments.

Fortunately, this article will discuss treatments which have been developed to work quickly and they do not cause any type of brain swelling or inflammation. The ElectroMagnetic medicine protocols actually revert cancer cells into normal cells thus the immune system never attacks them. These three protocols are recommended for the most dangerous kinds of brain cancer.

If you are still using chemotherapy do not use the Bob Beck Protocol. Nutritional protocols are not affected by chemotherapy and the high-tech ElectroMagnetic medicine devices can be used with chemotherapy.

If a brain tumour is involved, a liver flush is automatically required no matter what the main treatment is. This is required to make sure the brain tumour does not come back.

Treating Dangerous Tumours

“Dangerous tumours” are, by definition, tumours that can kill a patient by themselves. They include brain tumours, tumours inside the lungs, tumours that wrap around an artery, tumours in the throat, tumours associated with brain stem cancer and perhaps other very dangerous tumours.

“Dangerous tumours” do NOT include most tumours on the liver or pancreas, tumours on the legs or arms, tumours in the stomach (unless they are blocking digestion), etc.

Dealing with dangerous tumours requires a perfect understanding of what caused the tumours and how to deal with them. It also requires a cancer treatment that can quickly shrink the tumour and eventually finish off the tumours so they won’t come back. It is not enough to just shrink them a certain amount. They must be totally eliminated and not come back!!

Special Note on Brain Stem Cancer

Brain stem cancer may be the most deadly and difficult to deal with since it’s almost always caused by Vaccines gone wrong that end up in hard to reach places.Since a modified virus caused it, perhaps a modified virus can stop it? This is one reason to look into peptides.

Also since bypassing the blood brain barrier is hard, getting into the brain stem can be even harder, this is why i’m convinced that Plasma, PEMF, and RIFE are the primary treatments that should be used and secondly going in through the right spot on the skin with DMSO and various other adjuncts like Colloidal Silver, RSO, Pinella, Samento, MSM and Bicarbonate of soda, could it be so simple?

Lastly there is simple Plasma technology like the Keshe technology that supplies the body with extra conscious level intentional energy that most people don’t understand but can have quite dramatic effects.

At the current time the best chances for survival of a brain stem cancer patient may be to use the same treatment as dangerous tumours or to go to a major clinic, such as the Camelot Cancer Care clinic in Oklahoma, the Budwig cancer clinic in Spain.

The problem with brain stem cancer is the rate at which it grows so time is critical. See below electromagnetic protocols for our best research so far.

Electromagnetic protocols 

The one cardinal rule in dealing with dangerous tumours is to use the Photon Protocol, which was designed specifically for those with very advanced cancer and/or dangerous tumours.

This protocol includes the Dirt Cheap Protocol to quickly shrink the tumours and get them under control and it includes the Photon Genius and/or Photon Genie to “finish off” the tumours and make sure they do not come back.

The Photon protocols should be used with a consultation with the photon protocol medical staff to make sure the “root cause” of the cancer and the tumours is identified and dealt with so the cancer and tumours will not come back. The reason these devices are important is because they get rid of the “root cause” of the cancer, the tumours will not come back because there is nothing to cause them to come back unless the cancer is emotional based type.

For cancer patients who travel a lot, they may need both a Photon Genius (while at home) and a Photon Genie (while travelling). Over the world there are clinics that support various electromagnetic and Plasma treatments, one of the best Plasma treatment being the Therphi unit by Dan Winter

Others may want the Photon Genius for daytime use and the Photon Genie for night time use while they are sleeping (and any time they are not on the Photon Genius). See the Cancer tab for an overview of the various recommended electromagnetic treatments.

Quite frankly, no other natural cancer treatment can even compete with this device both for its power and its ability to deal with the root cause of the problem. Nevertheless, it is always combined with a nutritional protocol

PLASMA and LIGHT Devices:
Keshe plasma health devices (home-made)

• Pulsed deep penetrating Infra red and light


• There are many Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) devices on the market —- these devices go completely through the entire body —- PEMF negative reaction possible reasons

• There are also magnetic and energetic field devices

1. Earth Pulse; Sleep focused PEMF

2. The NES (MiHealth device);
Whole body diagnostics and treatment of EM fields and aura

3. Skrilling; Baby Home Plasma tube device

4. Skrilling; The big boy for complete sauna like light frequency therapy

5. Spooky2; The cheapest RIFE(NL) machine in the world

6. Pulsed energy technology, large PEMF machine

7. QRS Whole body mate style system

8. Quantum pulse; tesla style noble gas technology, noisy!

9. The mother of all plasmas —- The Theraphi units across the world in USA and Europe

Recommended Treatment #1: Cellect-Budwig Protocol

The Cellect-Budwig protocol is one of the most potent of the nutritional alternative cancer treatments. The Cellect-Budwig has expert support available from cancer researcher Mike Vrentas. In fact, Mike Vrentas is also an expert in the use of the High RF frequency generator and can support both protocols. Thus you only have to deal with one person on this protocol!

The Cellect-Budwig treatment is actually a combination of several synergistic treatments and will not cause any type of swelling or inflammation. The treatment works very quickly and is very effective.

At least four scoops of Cellect a day or more should be used, though Mike can tell you exactly how many scoops a day you need.

The Budwig Protocol is part of the Cellect-Budwig and is also a nutritional protocol which works at the cellular level.

Here is a short 11-minute video by Mike Vrentas about the Cellect-Budwig protocol:

Short Video

This protocol was mentioned above, but it should be emphasized that this protocol contains six different nutritional cancer treatments.

Because brain cancer patients should not use any alternative cancer treatment which causes swelling or inflammation, and yet the protocol should be very potent, a very effective treatment for brain cancer is the Cellect-Budwig protocol.

TREATMENT RATING:This cancer treatment is one of the crown jewels of alternative medicine! It is the strongest and fastest-acting alternative cancer treatment which does not have any restrictions placed on its use. It does not cause any inflammation or swelling. It frequently shrinks tumors and reduces pain within a couple of weeks. It can be used by any advanced cancer patientdealing with any type of cancer.

This treatment was specifically designed for very advanced cancer patients who need to have an alternative cancer treatment which starts to become effective within days, not weeks or months.
This protocol is based on a combination of two of the fastest acting alternative cancer treatments available. Both the Cellect protocol and the Budwig protocol are known to become effective very quickly, plus they avoid creating inflammation and swelling.

In addition to the two main treatments (Cellect and Budwig) the protocol includes several other treatments which are very effective in getting rid of cancer cells, re-balancing the body (i.e. the “inner terrain”) and eliminating toxins from the body.

This article will talk about the seven individual treatments which are part of this protocol.

Advanced cancer patients are strongly advised to work with an expert in their main treatment protocol. This protocol has excellent support available from Mike Vrentas, who has over 12 years of experience in alternative medicine and who designed this protocol. Not only did Mike develop a set of CDs with detailed information about the protocol but he also provides, as a very inexpensive option, telephone support for personal consultations.

Do NOT attempt this protocol without working with Mike Vrentas!!There is no possible way this article can detail all of the different situations cancer patients might face when using this protocol!
More will be said about his support below, but here is Mike’s website:
Your Road to Health – Cellect/Budwig

Treatment #1 of 7: Cellect Powder

The key product in this protocol is a nutritional powder called Cellect, which has shown excellent results with all forms of cancer and many other chronic or terminal health issues. Cellect was developed by Fred Eichorn who is the president of the National Cancer Research Foundation.

Fred completed 4 years of college Pre-Med and worked as a Surgical Organ Transplant Researcher. He is also a Bio-Chemist and cured himself of pancreatic cancer. The nutritional product Cellect was created as a result of his research.

A cancer patient should start out by building up to four scoops a day. The “scoop” is in the can, but due to shipping may have to be gently removed as it may work its way down into the powder. Children, of course, should take smaller doses.

A cancer patient (adults) may find they can advance quickly (starting at 1/2 scoop) to the 4 scopes or more. In cases of the very ill one may have to work up very slowly so their body can adjust. This could mean starting with as little as a half scoop of the powder per day, and then work up as their body can handle it.

Mike will fine-tune the doses for the long term and explain what else needs to be done. This is a very powerful protocol which is why telephone support is critical!!

There have been some cases of constipation so be sure that for each scoop of Cellect a person takes three of the Cod Liver Oil capsules which comes with the product. Additional Cod Liver Oil capsules can be taken as well to alleviate the constipation. Also in the case of constipation vegetable juicing works well. In the case of diarrhea; lessen the cod liver oil until one gets it under control.

The product Cellect can be purchased by visiting their website. This product is NOT sold through multilevel marketing. However, Cellect is sold through practitioners under the label of “Trican” which could increase its cost.

If you take the powdered form, it needs to be mixed with a fruit juice (freshly squeezed), vegetable juice, or purple grape juice (partly to kill the taste). Look under “recipes” for additional ideas for taking the Cellect powder at the link below.

WARNING:Cellect also comes in pill or capsule form. However, it takes 25 capsules of Cellect pills to equal one scoop. Thus, for example, if someone wanted to take 5 scoops of Cellect they would need 125 capsules!! For this reason, the capsule form of Cellect is not recommended!!

Use the Cellect powder unflavoured if possible. Using the flavoured requires the consumption of more due to the volume added because of the flavouring. This can become a real issue on higher doses.

Note #1: Do NOT take the product Cellect and the Budwig Diet products within one and a half hours of each other!!
Note #2: Cellect should be taken immediately BEFORE a meal (to prevent stomach upset) and the cod liver oil should be taken DURING the meal. This insures the cod liver is not taken within an hour and a half of the Budwig portion!!!

Here is their website to purchase the Cellect product:

Here is their NCRF website with more technical information:

Treatment #2 of 7: The Budwig Protocol

The Budwig Diet restores the electrical charge in cells. Due to the number of rules when using the Budwig Diet or Budwig Protocol, a separate article has been written on the Budwig Protocol. This article is Part 2 of the Cellect-Budwig Protocol:

The Budwig Diet (Part 2 of the Cellect-Budwig)

How To Make the Budwig Diet Mixture

The Budwig Diet, meaning the Budwig Protocol (it is actually not a “diet,” but rather a specific mixture) is necessary for many alternative treatments; from type 2 diabetes to cancer to heart disease to auto-immune diseases, etc.

Its purpose is to energize the cells by restoring the natural electrical balance in the cell. Many human diseases are caused by “sick cells” which have lost their normal electrical balance; generally via a lower ATP energy in the cell’s mitochondria.

One thing to understand, and this is critical, is that the WHOLE purpose of the Budwig Diet is to convert oil-soluble omega-3 fatty acids into water-soluble omega-3 fatty acids.

This is why it is so important to add things to the mixture in the right order. If you mix them in the wrong order you may lose a lot of the opportunity to convert the oil-soluble omega-3s into water soluble-omega-3s.

Since someone may “hit” this article directly from the Internet, here are a few resources on the theory behind the Budwig Diet and the use of the Budwig Diet.

Here is an article on the Budwig Diet by cancer researcher Mike Vrentas:
Budwig Diet

Here is another article on the Budwig Diet which was written by another Budwig expert:
Healing Cancer Naturally

Here is a DVD which details an entire day on the Budwig Protocol:
Entire Day on the Budwig

The Ingredients

Here are the ingredients to make the Budwig Diet and how to mix them together.
Item #1: Refrigerated, Liquid Flaxseed Oil

This is generally purchased at a health food store. For people who do not live near a health food store they can order it over the Internet. Even if it takes a few days of travel to arrive at your house, leaving it unrefrigerated for this period should not affect the product. But after it arrives refrigerate it.

The most popular brand is Barlean’s Flax Oil, but there are other brands. The key is that it is liquid and has far more omega 3s than omega 6s. For example, my bottle (Barlean’s) has 6,200 mg of omega 3s to 1,810 mg of omega 6s. The reason for this ratio is that a normal diet will have far more omega 6 than omega 3, thus the supplement must have far more omega 3 than omega 6.

One main issue is “lignans.” Lignans are particles which contain fiber. Some people claim you should buy non-lignan versions of flax oil and some people suggest you buy high lignan varieties.

The answer really depends on what you are using it for. For example, if you are using it for stomach cancer, and are on the Cellect-Bugwig protocol or Bill Henderson protocol, then you definitely need the “high lignan” version. This is because the stomach needs the fiber.

On the other hand, Mike Vrentas recommends no lignan varieties for other types of cancer patients. However, his reason is that it is hard to tell when the lignan version becomes rancid. This is generally not an issue in high volume health food stores.

What you use is up to you and your research.

MAKE A NOTE TO YOURSELF to shake the flaxseed oil well before putting it in the bowl.
Item #2: Cottage Cheese (U.S. Variety) or Yogurt

Here are the basic instructions on how to make the Budwig Mixture.

Grind with a small coffee grinder (1) Tblsp of Flax Seed and put in a small bowl. Do not buy pre-ground flax seed as the flax seed goes rancid 15 minutes after grinding. Brown or Golden whole Flaxseed is available and either will work. Grind fresh each time.

We have always recommended using the immersion [stick or wand like] mixer for the Flax Seed Oil and Cottage Cheese. Here is a link to immersion mixers:
Immersion Mixer Vendor

Mix (4) Tbs of organic 2% low fat Cottage Cheese with (2) Tbs organic cold pressed Flax Seed Oil commonly referred to as (Flax Oil). It is best (not) to use Flavored, Lignum or Highest Lignum Flax Oil. Two good flax oils are Barlean’s or Spectrum’s cold pressed organic flax oil. This can be found in the refrigerated section of the grocery or health food store. Never off the shelf. Never capsule or flakes. Watch the expiration date. Blend the flax oil and cottage cheese together with the immersion blender until reaching a creamy quality and the oil has been absorbed. There should be no standing oil. Then add to this mixture if needed, 1-3 Tbs of low fat milk for a creamery mixture and (stir with a spoon) no blender. This mixture should then be poured over the freshly ground flax seed and mixed together by spoon; again no blender. The ratio may be adjusted for smaller or larger proportions. A rule of thumb to keep in mind is one tablespoon of oil to two tablespoons of cottage cheese. The amount of milk can be adjusted as needed for consistency and easier blending. Once the mixture is completed it must be eaten immediately for best results. Make fresh each time. Here’s the link to the (YouTube) page showing

Read More…
how to combine the Flax Oil and Cottage Cheese in a video.

The above mixture can be flavoured differently every day by adding nuts, preferably organic such as pecans, almonds or walnuts (not peanuts), banana, organic cocoa, shredded coconut, pineapple (fresh) blueberries, raspberries, cinnamon, vanilla or (freshly) squeezed fruit juice. It’s usually best to place the fresh fruit on top of the completed mixture and enjoy as its own meal. Try your best to obtain organic fruit when possible. Many times this can be found frozen when not in season.

The above protocol should not be consumed with any other supplements, foods or oils at the same time. This should be a stand alone meal.

Dr Budwig pointed out that people who are suffering from Chronic or Terminal disease should work themselves up to consuming 4-8 Tblsp of the oil daily. Usually the higher limits 6-8 Tbs were for people with cancer. She stated, people with Liver or Pancreatic Cancer etc, may have to work up very slowly with the oil and possibly only start with 1 teaspoon at a time giving their body time to adjust. Dr Budwig pointed out that cancer patients once starting the protocol and getting it under control must continue with a maintenance dose to prevent re-occurrence. A maintenance dose is considered (1) Tbs of the oil per one hundred pounds of body weight. The Budwig Diet takes time to work and in the event of cancer may take 3-6 months. Many other health issues can be much faster in responding.

Item #3: Cinnamon

Each brand of cinnamon has an oil content. For diabetic patients it is critical to go to a health food store and buy the highest percentage of oil as possible. Cinnamon mimics insulin, thus by adding cinnamon you may need less insulin immediately. See the article on how to cure type 2 diabetes for more information because other things also mimic insulin:

For everyone else, the main purpose of the cinnamon is to kill the taste of the flaxseed oil and cod liver oil, so the oil content is not that important.
Item #4: Mandarin Oranges or Some Other Fruit

The sole purpose of this item is for taste, thus add whatever fruits you wish.
Final Important Comments

You must consume the Budwig mixture within 20 minutes of making it. Do NOT make more than you need and do not refrigerate the leftovers!!!

Also, don’t forget to put the cottage cheese into the bowl first, then the flaxseed oil. THEN mix the two together before putting anything else in the bowl.

See the individual treatment articles for more information on how to use the Budwig Diet for that particular health condition.

Note #1:If someone is using a feeding tube, organic plain Kefir (as a replacement for the cottage cheese) will work to break down the flaxseed oil. Use about 4 ounces of kefir to 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil and thoroughly stir until the oil is gone. You may have to add more or less of the kefir.
Likely due to the detoxification effects of the Budwig protocol, the Cellect-Budwig does require coffee enemas.

Treatment #3 of 7: High RF (Radio Frequency) Frequency Generator and Plasma Ray Tube Amplifier
Our experience has shown that the combination of Cellect, the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifiers a very potent combination!! Each does something different and each is important for those who can afford an electromagnetic medicine device.

What this device adds to the Cellect-Budwig protocol is the ability to safely and quickly remove cancer cells from the body. It also shrinks tumours, quickly in many cases, and it can reduce pain dramatically!

“electromagnetic medicine” in alternative medicine is very gentle. In fact, the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier is amazingly gentle(you barely know it is turned on). Yet the frequency generator system can get rid of cancer cells in a very different way than the rest of the Cellect-Budwig protocol. It reverts cancer cells into normal cells!Thus this protocol is synergistic with the other parts of the Cellect-Budwig.

See the “What Causes Cancer” article, linked to on the left side-bar, if you want to know how it is possible to revert cancer cells into normal cells.

The High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier is based on the Rife Machine technology of the 1930 and 1940s. Dr. Royal Rife designed his frequency generators to kill microbes which were inside of the cancer cells. His “carrier wave” was designed to get the other frequencies past the cell membrane to get to the microbes.

Even though there are many “Rife Machines” on the Internet, the company that builds the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier actually studied machines built and delivered by Royal Rife before the AMA had him shut down. No other “Rife Machine” even comes close to the specifications of the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier!

Because the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier device is like a small radio tower (i.e. it broadcasts a signal in the air which goes more than 50 meters), it can be used on ANY type of cancer, including bone cancer, brain cancer, lymphoma, leukaemia, colon cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc. There is nowhere in the body this device cannot get!!

Where to View and Buy the ICRF “Research Model” High RF Frequency Generator and Plasma Ray Tube Amplifier:
Copy and paste the above website address into your web browser.Go to the vendor’s website that sells the high RF frequency generator and oscillator amplifier which can broadcast Rife’s high RF frequencies using a plasma ray tube antenna. You’ll be able to see photographs of the generator and amplifiers including full specifications and pricing at their website.

Due to FDA regulations, photos and the actual names of the High RF Frequency Generator and amplifiers cannot be directly mentioned or linked to this website.

Visit the vendor’s website to read more about the specifications and to actually see what the system looks like. You’ll see the frequency generator with the plasma amplifier to the left. The plasma ray tube sits on top of the amplifier. It emits a signal similar to a radio tower so nothing touches the patient using it.
There are two different amplifiers. The most potent of the High RF Frequency Generator devices uses the plasma amplifier. It costs about $4,600.

For those who cannot afford the plasma amplifier, the “little brother” of the plasma amplifier is a 15-watt linear amplifier. This “contact device” (using contact electrodes with the body) generates several gentle electrical currents instead of being like a radio tower which broadcasts 207 watts from the antenna (plasma ray tube). The cost of the High RF Frequency Generator with the 15-watt linear amplifier is about $2,500.

A person does NOT need both types of amplifiers. The plasma ray tube connected to the plasma amplifier is highly recommended both because it is more powerful than the 15-watt linear amplifier and because it directly reaches all parts of the body. This is because the output frequencies are radio waves (with many side-bands) instead of just an electrical current.

If you can afford to add one of the two amplifiers to the High RF Frequency Generator and this protocol, it is highly recommended.

Note #1:There is a protocol from the ICRF for treating cancer for both of these High RF Frequency Generator devices. It is a step-by-step, button-by-button operator’s manual. Due to FDA persecution of “Rife Machines” the manual is not on this website and it is password protected and available from the ICRF. Mike Vrentas, who supports the Cellect-Budwig protocol, can refer you to the location of the protocol and the password.

Note #2:Electromagnetic medicine protocols cannot be used at the same time as strong prescription drugs. This is because the electromagnetic medicine may allow these drugs to get inside of cells, which is not where they are supposed to be. In the case of time-released drugs this can be a serious problem if they are strong drugs. In the case of non time-released drugs, they should be taken one hour AFTER the electromagnetic medicine protocols are finished for the day.

Treatment #4 of 7: Laetrile or Vitamin B17

Laetrile or Vitamin B17 is a strongly recommended part of this protocol. Laetrileis talked about in detail in the Cellect/Budwig Audio CD’s. Laetrile or B17 has been a major cancer treatment for several decades. It selectively kills cancer cells safely. It does not kill cancer cells so fast that it creates dangerous debris.

The best way to take laetrile is by I.V., however, federal regulators have made this illegal in the U.S. The most common way of taking laetrile is by eating apricot seeds(or apple seeds), which are high in laetrile or Vitamin B17. Laetrile tablet sare also available and are also a very common way of taking laetrile.

The best way to take laetrile is a combination of laetrile tablets and apricot seeds. This way you get both high doses of laetrile (from the 500 mg tablets) and the nutrients that Mother Nature intended to be taken with laetrile (from the apricot seeds). The laetrile tablets should be taken 1/2 hour after a meal!!

A cancer patient should start with 3 or 4 apricot seeds a day and build up to 25-30 apricot seeds per day or better yet take some combination of apricot seeds and laetrile tablets. Cellect, which is part of this protocol, has many of the nutrients needed for laetrile to be utilized by the body.
For more information and vendors of apricot seeds, see link
Article and Vendors of Laetrile

#5 of 7: Vegetable + Juicing

The vegetable juicing is critical for two major reasons. First of all, several vegetables are very high in anti-cancer nutrients. Second, by focusing on vegetable juice you are crowding out the bad foods that most people eat.

Of course the juicing would be of little value if you did not avoid foods which are feeding your cancer or creating an environment which is favourable to cancer cells (e.g. sugar, dairy products, etc. feed cancer cells and microbes).

A cancer patient should absolutely AVOID soda pops, including diet soda pops, highly processed foods (e.g. sugar, white flour), coffee, etc. Eating bad foods, especially highly acidic foods, such as those just mentioned, will FEED the cancer or create an environment in the body in which the cancer cells can thrive!!

Always remember that NO cancer treatment can be any stronger than the “cancer diet.”
The bottom line is to eat as much natural whole fruits and vegetables as possible and avoid highly processed foods.

It is NOT necessary to only drink vegetable juices, but a cancer patient should attempt to take about 40 ounces of vegetable juices daily. In the case of the very ill, one must start slowly when juicing and “build-up” sometimes very slowly to let the body adjust. Some may be able to build up to the full amount and others will not. Doing some is better than doing none.

The amount of vegetable juice one is able to consume will differ with each individual case. Be sure to spread out the juicing over several small drinks, every day. The 40 ounce volume is obviously for adults.

The “cancer diet” is also critical to stop fast-spreading cancers. The alkaline environment created by a good “cancer diet” is literally the main technique to stop fast-spreading cancers in their tracks.

Carrots, carrot/apple and green drinks should comprise the bulk of the vegetable juice. Here is an article on which vegetables are anti-cancer and how to put together a vegetable juice:
Raw Food Diet

Treatment #6 of 7: Importance of Detoxification

See the information in the “Cardinal Rule” section below, as this is a very, very important part of this protocol. This is covered in detail in the Cellect/Budwig Audio CD’s.

Treatment #7 of 7: Real Sunlight

It is very helpful to get out in the sunlight for about 45 minutes a day. One needs to start slowly so as not to burn, maybe starting with as little as 15 minutes per day working their way up. Do NOT use any type of sunscreen. Sunscreens filter out certain wavelengths of light and can actually cause skin cancer.

Alternative Cancer Treatments to AVOID While on this Protocol
There are several alternative cancer treatments which should NOT be taken with this protocol:
1) Do NOT take cesium chloride, Coral Calcium, or other alkaline products or supplements, while on this protocol!! The reason is that the Cellect is already properly pH balanced and these protocols would push Cellect out of balance!!
2) Do NOT take Protocel, Cantron, Entlev or Cancell (all are registered
trademarks). These products work in the opposite manner as the Budwig Protocol and may offset the Budwig Diet.
3) Do NOT take any product with Paw Pawor Graviola. This includes Amazon Factor Protocol. These plants also lower ATP energy and may offset the Budwig Diet.
4) Do NOT take Vitamin C within 4 hours of the Budwig diet.
5) Do NOT take Eniva Vibe liquid.

Liver Flushes
The Cellect powder includes items to build the immune system, so additional immune builders are not likely needed.
However, the Cellect-Budwig does not automatically come with a liver flush as far as I know. A liver flush, which is designed to kill the microbes and parasites in the organs, is a major immune building item which all cancer patients need to use.

Cardinal Rule:Work With an Expert!!
Cancer is a relentless disease and all advanced cancer patients and/or
caregivers must work with an expert, either in person or by detailed
documentation, to deal with the many things a caregiver needs to know about
treating advanced cancer!! The experience of an expert is many times more
important than common sense!!

Almost by definition, this protocol will be used by advanced cancer patients. In addition, this is a very potent treatment and patients need to know what to do when the potency of this treatment becomes evident. When one uses alternative cancer treatments many times there is a die off of dead cells and release of toxins from the body. One needs to know how to remove this toxic load from the body as quickly as possible.

Upon elimination of toxins from the body we have heard time and again how much better a person feels almost immediately, leaving the person feeling calm and relaxed, clear headed and a sense of well being. One needs to understand this in detail. This is one of many reasons for working with an expert when possible.

The critical issue of detoxification is covered in detail in the CDs, but is beyond the scope of this article.
But you must remember, when dealing with the toxic load created by any of the fast-acting alternative cancer treatments, such as this one,you need to understand the symptoms of the detoxification load and all of your options for dealing with the toxic load, especially with regards to protecting the liver!!
This is a potent treatment, do not underestimate the need for good information.
Published Support For This Protocol

Because Mike Vrentas, who designed this protocol, has a finite amount of time to help cancer patients, and because this is a popular treatment, Mike has produced a set of audio files, which take five and one-half hours to listen to. These audio files were the result of consulting with cancer patients using this protocol. There is a great deal of critical information in these audio files!!

To be blunt, because of the potential for unexpected symptoms and knowing how to handle them, it is unthinkable to attempt this treatment without the audio book. The information in these files is an essential part of this protocol.

The audio book should be listened to at least twice during the treatment; once at the beginning of the treatment and once when the patient has built-up to the full doses.

Without listening to this audio book it is almost guaranteed the caregiver will do exactly the wrong thing to deal with the patient’s weakness!! I don’t know how else to explain the importance of these lectures!!
Mike has priced these audio tapes to be less than half of the cost of a single can of Cellect! They are available for immediate download (using broadband) or on CD. You may want to listen to these tapes even if you don’t go on this treatment because they will help any cancer patient on any treatment.

The information Mike has provided in the downloads or CD’s is a step-by-step explanation of the above protocol. It includes a great deal of information on individual cases and the science behind the protocol, including the information on how the protocol works to re-balance the basic chemistry of your body. Very important to the protocol as well, is the detailed information of how to identify and deal with detoxification.
Please see this free, short You-Tube video about his set of audio files:
Your Road to Health – Cellect/Budwig and More

One-on-One Support For This Protocol
In almost all cases a patient needs customized information for their specific case. Mike can be contacted by email to set up a telephone consultation (for International contacts Mike has Skype). Mike is an expert in every phase of this treatment. He charges a very modest one-time consultation fee of $250. There is no additional charge for continued support. It is well worth it!! Mike is also an excellent motivator to get a patient to do it right.

Note for Brain Cancer and Lung Cancer Patients
Swelling and inflammation can be very dangerous for brain cancer and lung cancer patients. There is nothing in this treatment that will create added swelling or inflammation. However, one reason you need to be careful about adding things to this treatment is because many alternative cancer treatments do cause temporary swelling or inflammation. In other words, be very, very careful about adding items to this treatment.

If swelling and inflammation are currently a problem, and if you are on any prescription drugs designed to reduce swelling, you should know that this treatment will not interfere with the drugs, except perhaps for the electromagnetic medicine devices.

If you have brain cancer and carry with you prescription drugs in case of brain inflammation, make sure you have someone with you at all times who knows how to administer these drugs in case of an emergency.
However, one thing you can do to help with any potential swelling is to rub a teaspoon of DMSO on the back of your neck. Spread it thin. This is one of the transdermal ways of taking DMSO. DMSO will quickly penetrate the blood-brain-barrier and will help reduce swelling in the brain. DMSO should notbe taken within two hours (before or after) of taking any prescription drugs.

Here is a vendor of DMSO:
DMSO Vendor (use the 70/30 for transdermal)

Optional Treatments Which Can be ADDED to the Cellect-Budwig Protocol
There are several alternative cancer treatments which are not part of the Cellect-Budwig protocol partly because one of them is expensive and partly because this is already an extensive protocol. But for those who can afford the first treatment and/or has time to do the other treatments, they are highly recommended to be included in the Cellect-Budwig!!


Fucoidan is a potent way to quickly and safely kill cancer cells. More than 100 scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of “fucoidan” (the key sugar/nutrient in Fucoidan) to kill cancer cells.
What this protocol adds to the Cellect-Budwig is the enhanced ability to quickly get rid of cancer cells!! It is very synergistic with the Cellect-Budwig.

Onlythe brand recommended by this website should be used for cancer because this is the brand/company that owns many of the key patients for extracting fucoidan!! That is why this product costs as much as the Cellect.

The MSM/CS Protocol -> Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) / Colloidal Silver(CS)
(see section on MSM/CS)

The Blood Purifier from the Bob Beck Protocol

For those who have read the “Prevent Cancer From Returning” article on the left side-bar, you will note that the strongly recommended procedure is to follow the Cellect-Budwig protocol with protocols that focus on eliminating lactic acid, eliminating microbes in the bloodstream and eliminating microbes inside the cancer cells.

Reading this article after the Cellect-Budwig protocol is absolutely critical because the focus of the Cellect-Budwig protocol is to keep an advanced cancer patient alive and deal with the cancer cells!! But the Cellect-Budwig does not, and should not, deal with some of the long-term “clean-up” issues, such as lactic acid.

Nevertheless, to some degree dealing with lactic acid is covered by the MSM/CS protocol. This same protocol also deals with microbes in the bloodstream. But adding the Blood Purifier will greatly enhance dealing with the microbes in the bloodstream. There are two massively important reasons to use the blood purifier of the Bob Beck Protocol with the Cellect-Budwig protocol.

First, because it cleans the blood of microbes, it helps build the immune system. Second, it clears a path for the MSM/Colloidal Silver, mentioned above, to reach the cancer cells.

With regards to the first item, building the immune system, this takes time. Thus, the earlier you start the Blood Purifier the sooner it will become effective at building the immune system.

There are actually four parts to the Bob Beck Protocol:
1) The Blood Purifier,
2) Colloidal Silver (handled by the MSM/CS protocol above),
3) Magnetic Pulser (handled by the High RF Frequency Generator microbe
4) Ozonated Water (handled by the Fucoidan)
Thus, only one of these items, the blood purifier, is not already handled by the Cellect-Budwig with Fucoidan and MSM/CS. So the entire Bob Beck Protocol can be achieved simply by adding the Blood Purifier.

The recommended vendor is Sota Instruments of Canada. They call the “blood purifer” a “Silver Pulser. Thus, it is recommended to buy and use the “Silver Pulser” during the same two hours you are using the High RF Frequency Generator / Plasma Amplifier protocol.

This protocol is also absolutely required for squamous cell carcinoma, sarcomas, uterine cancer and melanomasbecause these types of cancer spread by microbes in the bloodstream.

Recommended Treatment #2: Dirt Cheap Protocol (Or Upgrade to Photon Protocol)

For those who cannot afford the Cellect-Budwig, the next best protocol for brain cancer is the Dirt Cheap Protocol. It also does not create any type of selling, not even temporary swelling.

Most of the items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol revert cancer cells into normal cells, so there is very little killing of cancer cells.

Cancer cells are really normal cells which are sick. They are NOT a different kind of cell. Thus, when the Dirt Cheap Protocol reverts a cancer cells into a normal cell it is reverting it back into a brain cell.

A brain cancer patient should use at least 14 items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol. As can be seen if you read the entire article the power of the Dirt Cheap Protocol is unlimited.

Dirt Cheap Protocol

The Kelmun Protocol (in the Dirt Cheap Protocol) is critical to start NOW!!!!

The Kelmun Protocol items can be purchased at a local health food store TODAY!!

NOTE #1:All temperatures are in Fahrenheit.

NOTE #2A (Cooking Method #1):Do not worry if the mixture of baking soda and maple syrup separates. The key is to find the highest temperature (around 120 degrees Fahrenheit) at which the mixture does not burn. Once this temperature is found, DO NOT WORRY if the mixture separates eventually. 

If the mixture separates, simply MIX/STIR the baking soda and maple syrup together and warm up just before using.

NOTE #2B (Cooking Method #2):

Heat a pot/saucepan of water until it is a little hotter than warm. Place another pot / saucepan over it. Turn off the fire. Add the BS and molasses / maple syrup to the pot and stir. They should easily bind without burning. If they don’t bind, then just heat up the water a little bit more, turn off fire and stir.

NOTE #3: Do not use the Kelmun Protocol by itself. Every cancer treatment protocol needs ONE and only ONE highly alkaline protocol. For the “Dirt Cheap Protocol,” which is a complete cancer treatment, the Kelmun Protocol is the highly alkaline protocol. But the Dirt Cheap Protocol, which is what should be used by anyone using the Kelmun, is a complete protocol which includes more than a dozen cancer treatments. Here is a link to the complete protocol – the Dirt Cheap Protocol:
Dirt Cheap Protocol

NOTE #4:For those who can afford it, the Dirt Cheap Protocol can be used with the High RF Frequency Generator, which is a powerful electromedicine device with protocol. The cost of the High RF Frequency Generator is about $4,600, which will eliminate many people from using it.
High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube

TREATMENT RATING: The main reason I take this protocol seriously is because of several impressive testimonials which came from different sources. 

A second reason this protocol is on this website is because I have run into many, many cancer patients who cannot afford any of the highly potent protocols (e.g. Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Ray Tube, Fucoidan, etc.). These patients need to use several highly effective protocols which are very inexpensive. 

This protocol should NOT be used by itself as a cancer treatment, as just mentioned, it should be combined with other inexpensive cancer treatments. The “Dirt Cheap Protocol” is such a cancer treatment and it uses the Kelmun Protocol as the main alkaline treatment. 

Please send me an email, at the beginning of your treatment, if you use this protocol and tell me of your experience! My email address is linked to at the bottom of this article.

Jim Kelmun Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Protocol

This treatment is a combination of pure, 100% maple syrup and aluminum-free baking soda. The maple syrup targets cancer cells (which consume 15 times more glucose than normal cells) and the baking soda is dragged into the cancer cells with the maple syrup.

When buying maple syrup, buy “Grade B” maple syrup. If you cannot get “Grade B,” then get the darkest “Grade A” you can get.

The baking soda, being very alkaline, is the main anti-cancer substance. The maple syrup is a “carrier” to get the baking soda inside the cancer cells.

Measurements for baking soda are for a level TEAspoon, or a very slightly rounded TEAspoon.

Based on other alkaline protocols, this protocol works by killing the microbes which are inside of the cancer cells. See the “What Causes Cancer” article, linked to on the left side-bar, to understand what I am talking about.

There are actually several different cancer protocols which involve highly alkaline products: cesium chloride, calcium and baking soda.

The mixture is made by mixing one part high quality baking soda with three parts (pure, 100%) maple syrup in a small saucepan.

No water is added to the mixture!

Arm & Hammer and Red Mill brand baking soda (preferred), which is now called “All Natural,” qualify as being “aluminum free” brands. Do NOT mix the baking soda and maple syrup in an aluminum pot or pan!!Use Pyrex (or similar), stainless steel or copper cookware only!

In fact, if you own any aluminum cookware – THROW IT AWAY!! Aluminum is the main cause of dementia.

Stir the mixture briskly with low heat for 5-10 minutes.Start at 120 degrees, and attempt to find the right temperature for your stove and altitude, by increasing or decreasing the temperature until you find the ideal temperature so that the mixture does not burn and the mixture binds together.

If the mixture tastes terrible, you burned it, which is easy to do. But if you keep it just warm enough so that it doesn’t burn, the two substances will combine and it will taste quite pleasant.

Also, I would notrefrigerate the mixture at all. And I would notmake more than a nine-day supply at one time. I suggest these rules to insure the mixture does not separate during storage. Just leave it at room temperature.

Change your diet to include no processed sugar and no white flour!This is because you want the cancer cells to consume as much baking soda/maple syrup as possible! In fact, eat only light meals within an hour of the Kelmun, on both sides of the Kelmun.

The Dose

It is important to remember that the mixture is only 1/4 baking soda. Thus, to get one TEAspoon of baking soda, it is necessary to take FOUR TEAspoons of the mixture.

Take two, three or four TEAspoons of the mixture daily. Never take them at the same time, always spread them out by at least twenty minutes.

Start at one teaspoon per day (of the mixture) and the next day build up to two teaspoons. Build up to four TEAspoons of the mixture a day. It would not be advisable to say at this level for more than a six weeks at a time, as the Dirt Cheap Protocol explains.

For advanced cancer patients, they can use 16 TEAspoons of the mixtureevery day, but not for more than one week.

Final Comments

I want to make it clear that I do not depend on the above article to claim the effectiveness of the Kelmun Protocol. I have a perfect understanding of what causes cancer and the Kelmun protocol has very solid cancer theory behind it. I have also received testimonials from people who have used the protocol.

There are some options when using this protocol. Some people use the baking soda with honey without cooking it. Also, cooking is recommended when used with maple syrup or molasses, but not required.

Don’t forget the “Dirt Cheap Protocol,” which uses the Kelmun as its alkaline treatment (all natural cancer treatment must have some alkalinity in it). But a person should only use one highly alkaline protocol per day. Thus, do not use the Kelmun on the same days as Cellect, Cesium Chloride, high doses of barley, a cup of asparagus, etc

Recommended Treatment #3: RSO or Medical Marijuana Oil, Cannabis Oil (not ‘Hemp Oil’)

Due to studies, I would also add RSO to the Dirt Cheap Protocol. RSO has done well against brain tumours, for example.

While the Dirt Cheap Protocol includes a generic liver flush, the High RF Frequency Protocol actually includes not only a custom liver flush (to kill microbes and parasites in the organs) but also a device to re-energize the weak cells in the organs after the liver flushto restore the immune system faster! The device is called the High RF Frequency Generator.

Critical Comments About Brain Inflammation and Swelling

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane or methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is a totally natural molecule which is related to DMSO. MSM is a superb treatment for reducing and preventing swelling and inflammation.

It is highly recommended that anyone on a brain cancer treatment include the MSM/CS protocol (i.e. MSM and Colloidal Silver). It is actually an optional treatment with the Cellect-Budwig protocol, but should be a required treatment for all brain cancer patients no matter what their main treatment is.

MSM will help keep any swelling down inside the brain. The combination of MSM and colloidal silver will also help revert cancer cells into normal cells.

Additionally, whenever someone completes their treatment for brain cancer, the patient should continue on with the MSM/CS protocol for life(at least twice a day instead of the normal three times a day).

The reason is that if there are any rogue cancer cells that start dividing (and there almost always are such cells), the cancer can come back. The MSM/CS protocol not only helps prevent brain swelling but also prevents the cancer from coming back. It is a win-win protocol for brain cancer patients.

How to Make “MSM Water”
There are 4 grams of MSM in a TEAspoon of pure MSM powder or crystals. This means there are 12 grams of MSM in a TABLEspoon of MSM powder or crystals.
I like to make a gallon of “MSM water” at a time in a glass gallon jug. I also like to have 180 grams of MSM in the gallon jug.
Thus, put 12 – 15 TABLEspoonsof MSM powder or crystals in a gallon of purified water. This will make a gallon of “MSM water” which has a total of 180 grams of MSM.

When you make it you will have to shake the bottle several times over a 15 minute time period until you no longer see the crystals (Note: some types of MSM dissolve in a few minutes and others can take 1/2 hour to dissolve).
After about 15 minutes the MSM will be “in solution,” meaning it is totally dissolved and no MSM particles will float to the bottom. Store in a dark, cool place when not in use.

Obviously, keep the bottle away from children or mark it in a way they will know not to drink it without supervision. They will not get sick, but they may throw-up if they take too much.
There are 128 ounces in a gallon. This means there are 256 TABLEspoons in a gallon. This means there are 0.7 grams in a TABLEspoon of this MSM water (180/256).

A person could put into this gallon jug 30 or 40 drops of “Cell Food” (a trace mineral supplement) as a way to get some trace minerals into the body. This is recommended but not required.

A person cannot start out with high doses of MSM water because their stomach will not be accustomed to drinking it. Thus, instructions for the use of MSM water are more complicated than might be expected.
Here are two vendors of MSM who have excellent products:
Note: Vendors may call their product: MSM or “Organic Sulfur”:
H2O Air Water America

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver (CS) has been used in alternative medicine for many decades!! As long as it is professionally made (either it is made by a reputable vendor or it is made using equipment from a reputable vendor), the protocol is perfectly safe!!
For many very good brands of colloidal silver see this article:
Kill Microbes (Several Colloidal Silver Brands Mentioned)

At this point we will talk about making your own ionic colloidal silver (which actually penetrates the blood-brain-barrier) by using the CollGen2 silver generator, which has been around for more than a decade and has shown outstanding results!! Go to this website to purchase the silver generator:
CollGen2 Silver (The Supreme Colloidal Silver Generator)

Top Commercial Brands of Colloidal Silver
Commercial brands of highly potent colloidal silver include (among many): ASAP 10, ASAP 22, Sovereign Silver, Mesosilver, Silver Sol, Silver Guardian, Utopia silver, Silver Shield.
Of particular interest to the ICRF is the silver product called “Tetra Silver Tetroxide” (see: This silver product may have great potential to deal with pandemics, but may not be able to be manufactured in high volumes.

There are also other methods to attack these deadly microbes, such as lipospheric vitamin C.
WARNING: The doses for colloidal silver vary by vendor. You must use the doses recommended by the same vendor you purchase the colloidal silver from!!

Doses of MSM Water (and Build-Up) – For an Adult
A person should start with 1 TEAspoon of MSM water to test for allergies. Two hours later you should take 1 TABLEspoon of MSM water to test for allergies.
Two hours later you can start the “build-up.”

Day 1 Build-Up (These doses are only for the CollGen2 silver):
– Take 1 TABLEspoon of MSM water (0.7 grams of MSM).
– At this point check for nausea or rashes caused by the MSM water. Also take 1 TEAspoon of colloidal silver water,
– Three hours later take 2 TABLEspoons of MSM water (1.4 grams of MSM) plus 1 TEAspoon of colloidal silver water,
– Three hours later take 3 TABLEspoons of MSM water (2.1 grams of MSM) plus 1 TEAspoon of colloidal silver water.
That is all for Day 1 (you took 4.2 grams of MSM on the first day). The first day achieved two purposes. First, was to get your stomach used to taking MSM. Second, and just as important, was to avoid too much Herxheimers.

Herxheimers, although it is harmless, can make a person very sick and can scare a person from taking more MSM. It is caused by a massive die-off of microbes in the bloodstream. When the microbes die-off they release toxins. If there are too many toxins in the blood it can make a person sick and/or cause “brain fog.”
Also note that a person should drink plenty of purifiedwater or “ozonated” or “ionized” or distilled water every day.

Day 2 of Build-up:
– Take 2 TABLEspoon of MSM water (1.4 grams of MSM) plus 1 TABLEspoon of colloidal silver water,
– Three hours later take 4 TABLEspoons of MSM water (2.8 grams of MSM) plus 1 TABLEspoons of colloidal silver water,
– Three hours later take 6 TABLEspoons of MSM water (4.2 grams of MSM) plus 1 TABLEspoons of colloidal silver water.

Day 3 of Build-up:
– Take 4 TABLEspoon of MSM water (2.8 grams of MSM) plus 3 TABLEspoons of colloidal silver water,
– Three hours later take 8 TABLEspoons of MSM water (5.6 grams of MSM) plus 3 TABLEspoons of colloidal silver water,
– Three hours later take 12 TABLEspoons of MSM water (8.4 grams of MSM) plus 3 TABLEspoons of colloidal silver water.

Day 4 of Build-up:
– Take 10 TABLEspoon of MSM water (7 grams of MSM) plus 6 TABLEspoons of colloidal silver water,
– Three hours later take 12 TABLEspoons of MSM water (8.4 grams of MSM) plus 6 TABLEspoons of colloidal silver water,
– Three hours later take 16 TABLEspoons of MSM water (11.2 grams of MSM) plus 6 TABLEspoons of colloidal silver water.

Day 5 and Thereafter (i.e. Ongoing Dose) (FOUR doses a day):
– Take 8 TABLEspoon of MSM water (5.6 grams of MSM) plus 8 OUNCESof colloidal silver water,
– Two or Three hours later take 12 TABLEspoons of MSM water (8.4 grams of MSM) plus plus 8 OUNCESof colloidal silver water,
– Two or Three hours later take 16 TABLEspoons of MSM water (11.2 grams of MSM) plus plus 8 OUNCESof colloidal silver water,
– Two or Three hours later take 22 TABLEspoons of MSM water (15.4 grams of MSM) plus plus 8 OUNCESof colloidal silver water.

The “Cancer Diet” For This Protocol
The “Cancer Diet” is a list of things that you should not eat or drink during this protocol. Since you are trying to kill microbes it is not good to eat or drink things that feed microbes!!
You should avoid all dairy products and as many sugar products as you can. In fact, any acidic food can feed microbes.

MDM-1 Bacteria or NDM-1 Bacteria
The MDM-1 (MDM1) bacteria and NDM-1 (NDM1) bacteria are resistant to drugs (i.e. drug-resistant). However, there is a high probability they are notresistant to Mother Nature’s treatments and especially colloidal silver.

The technical name for this disease is: New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase-1 enzyme (NDM-1) or New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase-1 enzyme (MDM-1).
See the list of commercial brands above.

Using the above doses of colloidal silver, where a 200 pound person builds-up to 1 quart a day of the colloidal silver made by the CollGen2 generator, and a person of less weight uses a proportionally lower dose, we are very confident this colloidal silver will cure MDM-1 / NDM-1 or any other bacteria.
However, if the bacteria lives in an area of the body outside of the bloodstream, it may only be able to keep it under control.

Please notify us if someone finds a specific brand of colloidal silver that has been proven to cure MDM-1 or NDM-1. However, since this is a very rare disease (so far) it is unlikely anyone has used colloidal silver as yet for this bacteria.

Important supplement list

• MSM Colloidal silver
• DMSO source1, source2
 is another supplement which is recommended for brain cancer patients
Brain and nervous system detox agent
Burbur is another supplement which is recommended for brain cancer patients
modualtes the extraction of toxins and reduces the Herxheimer reaction
Samento is another supplement which is recommended for brain cancer patients
incredibly strong for the immune system and as an anti inflammatory
Oxygen Elements Plus is another supplement which is recommended for brain cancer patients
T Ban is another supplement which is recommended for brain cancer patients