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Cancers and Cures

The 8 Rules of Cancer
•1• I can’t survive alkaline environments
•2• I love sugar, it’s my fuel (glucose) (I produce energy via a stressful inefficient way; glucose cycle, not oxygen) so I don’t really like oxygen that much
•3• My friends are Parasites; Fasciolopsis Buskii and Bacteria; Clostridium
•4• I’m a cellular fungal growth surrounded by bacteria and often times parasites
•5• I can’t survive heat very well
•6• I am a voice / messenger of the environment I’m in (I’m trying to tell you something)
•7• You can feed me with fear, stress and many other negative emotions
•8• There are many modalities to get to me, I will have little chance if you use them all at once


There are many different methods and modalities to help the body remove the root cause of cancer. The best thing you can do is try to access the doorway to the cancer from every angle or angel.
From outside in:
• Through the skin with DMSO combined with other nutrients
• Through body tissue with; Plasma, rife, frequencies, sound, heat and light technology
• With various IV blood treatments and even blood donating (renews blood)
From inside out:
• With nutrition and supplements
• With peptides and immune system programming
• With meditation and visualisation and other psychology tweaks

The best bet would be to understand the reason for it’s existence, to attract unconditional love, intention and faith to that area of the body. Develop a relationship with the Cancer, train yourself to ACT as your own higher-self, until you reach the level of a god in your own body, this is your right, this will provide the body with extra plasmatic intention and heart-mind coherence that enables the creation of health from within every cell.

Important —- Plasma (light energy) is the route/root of all health!

These are the biggest factors that affect Health
Environment:glycos basic ad
Nutrition: (what goes in – less is better)
Organic, Fresh, Green, non-processed, non stressed sources, non-GMO (artificial intelligence)

10603376_10152827854369050_5748915109229557981_nEmotional factors; (what is created)
—- Sources of: Stress, Trauma, Shock, other negative emotional feelings
—- Sources of: Love, peace, content, stimulation, other positive emotional feelings

Photo 05-01-2016 19 59 10
• Virus and Bacteria and Parasites: (These foreign invaders can find their way into your body when the correct environmental conditions are present)
—- What is lesser known is the relationship between these conscious ‘lifeforms’ inside your body
—- They stimulate negative thinking, emotions and habits in their attempt to survive, all life wants to survive, only heart-based gravitational lifeforms, analogous to healthy lifeforms, normally proliferate given the right conditions.
—- Patulin mould (brown spots in apples etc. peel everything / no apple juice)
—- Worms and Nematodes and Flukes
—- Clostridium bacteria

toothpaste dieAccumulative toxins /  Toxic shocks (What stays in and gets stuck, in order of prevalence)
—- Sugar (one of the biggest toxins / rocket fuels for any human)
—- Alcohols (ISOPROPYL)
—- Mycotoxins / Aflotoxins etc.
—- Fluorides (Toothpaste – use Diatomaceous earth and bicarbonate of soda/oil of oregano)
—- Heavy Metals (Usually from dental work)chemo3
—- Plastics
—- Immunisations/Vaccines (should be outlawed —- DO NOT give these to children!!!! see Autism/Cancer)
—- Radiation / Chemo (This goes here because it’s worse than any placebo @ 2.7% Success rate over 5 years)

Electro-magnet pollution (what we can’t see)
—- Any circproduct_tour4uitry that isn’t plasmatic (drawing on zero point energy)
—- Other Radio / TV or e/m frequencies —- especially important where seizures are involved

—- including black earth grid lines, when energy isn’t moving or is being drawn out

Genetic Environmental conditions —- By total Genetic a_page_header01_environmental transmission
—- Like attracts like —- this is Genetic resonance —- all family members can transmit environmental energy via genetic (like) resonance —- distance healing works on this principle

Healing Cancer According to Hulda Clark

—- this is the order of the chapters in her book:
The Cure to All Disease:
—- Kill the Flukes (Fasciolopsis buskii)
—- Stop the Propyl Alcohol Polluted Products (propyl alcohol / isopropyl alcohol)
(Bottled water, cosmetics, wash products, mouthwash, decaf, soda, fruit juice, white sugar, supplements)
—- Herbal Parasite Killing Program (Black Walnut; green hulls —- Wormwood —- Cloves
—- Parasites Gone (the three phased, adult, children, eggs) Toxins Next
—- Watch For Bacteria
—- Help Your Family, Too
—- Aflatoxin

Watch the Full length Movie by Dr Hulda Clark

Play the Movie


Basic protocol of treatment:
• When choosing what to do, supplements included, Keep it:
glycos basic ad—- Natural —- Powerful —- Electro-magnetic
—- Basic —- Plasmatic —- Generalised
—- Organic —- Simple —- WHOLE


• Increase the anti oxidant potential of the body
• Detoxify and alkalize as much as possible
• i.e. Remove the supportive environment for parasites, bacteria and fungi
• Liver flush
• Kidney flush
• Practice with mindful techniques, visualisations and the power of the bodymind

—- In complex DIPG cases, timing, protocol —- method and little madness are important factors because it’s so easy to try and do too much which isn’t always best —- timing and method are critical. Personally I would apply plasma technology, electromagnetic therapy, and topical treatments like DMSO with Silver and Iodine etc. with RSO as a default treatment. See the Brain Cancer section for further details on this specific subject.

Emotional Biology of Cancer (new tab)
New German Medicine (emotion and trauma based cancer)

The Iron Rules of emotional Cancer
1. Every emotional cancer or related disease starts as a DHS that is a Dirk Hamer Syndrome, which is a serious, acute-dramatic and isolating conflict-shock-experience. It manifests simultaneously on three levels, psyche, brain and organ.
2. The theme of the psychic conflict determines the location of the focus or HAMER Herd in the brain, and the location of the cancer in the organ.
3. The course of the psychic conflict correlates with the development of the HAMER Herd in the brain, and the course of the cancer in the organ.
At the moment of the conflict-shock a short circuit occurs in a pre-determined place of the brain. This can be photographed with computed-tomography (CT) and looks like concentric rings on a shooting target or like the surface of water after a stone has been dropped into it. Later on, if the conflict becomes resolved, the CT image changes, an edema develop, and finally scar tissue.


PHASES of disease according to New German Medicine:
1. Cooling: Transition into disease is the cooling phase of an illness
2. Heating: During healing you may notice heating phases or periods
these are periods of healing and inflammation
when the immune system starts to work
this is always a good sign things are going the right way

Give me the power to cause a fever and I will cure any disease —- Hippocrates

Learn More about the amazing New German Medicine Cancer perspective

Play the Movie

Supplemental Advice:

1. A good green diet without meat dairy and gluten or grains is best – as raw as possible and as smoothie as possible also – keep it protein and nutrient dense and light – don’t forget good salt.
2. A good supplemental extra hits as many notes as it possibly can —- the closer to infinity 8 the better.
The best way to take multiple supplements are in smoothies together so long as the taste isn’t too bad!

PLASMA and LIGHT Devices:
Keshe plasma health devices (home-made)
• Pulsed deep penetrating Infra red and light

• There are many Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) devices on the market —- these devices go completely through the entire body —- PEMF negative reaction reasons
• There are also magnetic and energetic field devices

1. Earth Pulse; Sleep focused PEMF
2. The NES (MiHealth device);
Whole body diagnostics and treatment of EM fields and aura
3. Skrilling; Baby Home Plasma tube device
4. Skrilling; The big boy for complete sauna like light frequency therapy
5. Spooky2; The cheapest RIFE(NL) machine in the world
6. Pulsed energy technology, large PEMF machine
7. QRS Whole body mate style system
8. Quantum pulse; tesla style noble gas technology, noisy!
9. The mother of all plasmas —- The Theraphi units across the world in USA and Europe

SOUND Everything is sound! so this can be amazinggggg!
Sound therapy definitely go in here! not many people use it!! but it’s a frequency based wave that affects the body GREATLY and many people have a very good relationship with sound and music! Here are some examples of free therapeutic Binaural beats:


Instant therapy with Binaural beats and frequencies

Play the Sounds


Also here is a very VERY interesting new product called …
Tomatis; that uses sounds to reprogram the mind and body as one

SUPPLEMENTS NUTRITIONAL (The best are controversial, misunderstood or illegal!)
Immune boosting
• RSO —- THC/CBD —- Canabinoids and CBDa
• GcMAF immune boosting bacteria —- Source1 | Source2 | Info
Glyconutrients (not to be underestimated despite bad press)
• 5 Mushroom Extract —- Searchable
• Boron; Affects VitD down regulates prostate and other tumours — safe
• Zinc; immune enhancer

MSM; incredibly amazing anti-inflammatory also for pain, and completely non toxic and safe
• Boswellic Acid / Frankincense —- Cytotoxin
• Krill oil; better than Fish or cod
Fish blend: Astaxanthin Blend (Krill Oil, Astareal Astaxanthin, Salmon Oil), Mackerel-Herring-Anchovy-Sardine oil blend, Curcumin, Vitamin A (Carrot extract), MK7 (Vitamin K2), Vitamin K1 (Spinach extract), Vitamin B12 (Chlorella), Orgen Bs (B9, B10) Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Ethyl Alcohol, Beeswax, Sunflower Lecithin.

Parasite Killing
• Black Walnut (The best)
• Wormwood
• Clove
• Diatomaceous earth
• Zeolite activated
Pro Swiss Parasite Programs:
>>> Store >> Internal Cleansing > Parasite Cleansing Kit

• Alkaline Diet with high plant based protein and fat (omega 6) is a good Cancer diet
• Bicarbonate of Soda; Arm and Hammer is the only recommended brand
Cesium Chloride
Professional Swiss Alkalizing packs:
>>> Store >> Regimens > The High Alkaline Program

Colloidal Silver; Kills all bacteria on contact speeds up healing
• Garlic, penetrative anti bacterial

DMSO; completely non toxic when medical grade in glass bottle is used
(Vitalund (De), BioTraxx, Natures-Gift (USA))
Asiatic Acid; (Gotu Kola) Cytotoxic to DIPG / GBM apply with DMSO for Glioblastoma
• CoQ10; Protectant
Curcurmin and Piperine
– Curcumin / Turmeric; Penetrative, Inhibits many growth factors, good for brain!
– Piperine; (black pepper) potentiates curcumin absorption by MANY TIMES!!! amazing
(DMSO turmeric piperine tincture???)
• Lycopene; Inhibits growth (Water Melon, Organic Tomatoes, Red fruits)
• Melatonin; ESPECIALLY in those who do not sleep well, Inhibits cancer growth
T Ban!!!; Removes dead destroyed cancer cells — non inflammatory

Other amazing additions:
Pinella Brain and nervous system detox agent
BurBur Assists with herxheimer type detoxes
Samento An incredible pick me up panacea of anti inflammatory health
Adrenal Support 1 Adrenal Support 2 Everyone can do with adrenal support, especially those under stress and with Cancer, correctly functioning adrenals are VITAL for health and energy and often become stressed when the body is weak
Oxygen for those with lung problems
Jiaogulan tea; adaptogen for nervous system and adrenal support, protectant
• Cancer focused Peptides;
1. Glioblastoma Peptides | 2. Peptides Paper | 3. Russian Peptide Product
• Resveratrol; anti ageing
• Cancer focused Colloids; liquid noble metals and minerals: Selenium —- Germanium —- Gold —- Rhodium —- Dragons Blood —- DMSO+SILVER —- Platinum —- Magnesium — Indium
Colloidal Cure Colloid Combo
Ormus powders for Cancer and overall health —- white powdered gold and rare nano penetrative elements
• Cold corona (plasma) Ozone Water or Ozonated Water – supplies oxygen to the blood stream

Nano red!!!; Red Root, Blood Root, Dandelion Root, Prickly Ash, Poke Root, Black Walnut, Humic & Fulvic Acids, Grain Alcohol, Brandy. Larch, Pine and Oak flower essences, homeopathic Calcarea Flourata 200. Organic essential oils of grapefruit, celery seed, ginger and lemon.

Red 65!!!; Enzymes, blood cleaner, tumour digesting —- Ingredients: Natural Leech Powder, Hirudin Extract 120 a-tu, Proprietary Blend: Soy Bean Oligopeptide Powder, Lecithin, Spirulina, Ginko Biloba Leaf Powder, Gynostemma PE, Astragalus Powder, FOS, Chitosan Powder. Other ingredients: Di Tab, Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Solutab, Contains Soy.

• Calming anti anxiety nootropics like ZenPhorol
• Memory and mood enhancement formula OptiNeroXcel
New German Medicine
• Faith and trust in the power of all mens hearts
• Meditation and visualisations (go on an inner mental journey to self remove the problem in a personal creative way – this can be done on behalf of others also)
• Belief (affirmation that you are cured, letting go and loving this fact)

What is plasma? (the sun!)
why is plasma conscious? (consciousness is plasma)
why does conscious thought have energy?(does the sun have energy?)
and therefore weight? (hmmmmm)
and therefore action on our entire bodies?
Why did the Egyptians want to become stars?
The highest forms of consciousness in the known universe!?



Further research: