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Plasma charged oils

A worlds first!! The power of RSO made even stronger by plasma energy charging.

Developed by the worlds leading plasma Physicists:
Plasma charged RSO and cannabis based CBD oils. Using the mother of all plasma technology medicine world wide — the leading cause of health on the planet, above and beyond all other types of physical natured medicine.


Designed by the worlds leading experts in gravity, health, and implosion technology. Golden mean electrical charge collapse is the same thing that brings life and shape to the universe, the shape and motion that pulls light from the dark, the golden mean, fractal cause of gravity itself! This scienceĀ leads to the knowledge that health is the definition of gravity, light and life, it is the unification principle behind all reality and scientific endeavour.

Now for the first time, world wide, we can charge this already magical medicinal supplement to higher levels of activity and purity, increasing its spirit, gravity and light permenantly, this not only increases its shelf life almost indefinitely but charges the oil with an ancient energy unlike any other making the oil much more bio available. The base energy of the universe of matter is Plasma energy.

This product is only available on a limited basis for people who already have had experience with the oil and failed to completely clear their ailments or for people who have special cases with children that need immediate attention such as DIPG cases although all requests will be considered.

After some time of testing we can then offer this Really Strong Oil 2.0+ to the general public. We will also consider charging CBD oils at this point, send us your requests.