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for taking your first step to wellness!

For each person health is a personal story – “one person’s poison is another’s medicine” – with our combined determination, we make success the only option.
You may be surprised what changes can take place in your life when you get the support you want.

All Personal programs include the following:

• Bi-weekly motivation meetings (longer than 15min you get with a Dr!)
• Pay per month
• 3 month intensive or 12 month standard course
• Primary food – Secondary food – advice and tips
• Supplement research and guidance
• Nutrition and shopping advice and tips
• Hand outs and freebies
• Media, books and video library
• Forum group, whatsapp and email support
• Goals and target planning
• Integrative health includes rife technology and other rare health resources



• Cancer support available:

Tested natural tumour fighting supplements for chronic patients and prevention


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