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Personal Health Programs

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Our Concept:


Health is like a tree – you can try to fix a branch, or even leaf, you might like to chop a branch or a leaf off completely in an attempt to help the rest of the tree from catching the sickness of that single part. You could also go inside and redesign the internal map of the tree with a skilled tree surgeon.
But if you care for the roots and give the leaves enough sunshine and what else they need, there is nothing that can’t be healed by the tree itself.
Gone are the days of trying to fix one cell, organ or system to attempt to give complete lasting health to the mind/body/soul.
With integrative health we design unique programs for individuals to take care of the roots of health while supplying enough sunshine and supplement advice to give the mind/body/soul it’s path health back and even reprogram it to the next level.

Coaching topics and knowledge tapped into:

•Nutritional Medicine

•Supplemental medicines

•Spiritual medicine

•Belief design

•Emotional design

•Breathing medicine

•Movement therapy

•Creative health design

•Active listening therapy

•Manifestation and life design

•Karmic healing and fear processing

•Shamanic healing medicines

•Self mind body soul healing practices

•Emotional body reprogramming

•NLP mind programming

•Rare herbal and organic natural medicines

•Alchemical medicine

•Material science medicine

•Colloidal medicine

•Sound medicine

•Light medicine

•Frequency medicine

•Water as medicine

•Scalar wave technology medicine

•Egyptian healing technology