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Professional Products

Add a touch of professionalism to your business?
choose between some of the most profound, honest, organic products and supplements on the market today …

Super Natural RealmDynamics The most advanced, spiritually scientific, DNA activating graded supplements


Pro Cell Food MannaTech Organic cell food, freeze dried GlycoNutrients for complete system cellular support esp. immune


Easy Detox Start with the massively popular Purium celebrity 10-day detox, move onto the intensely organic nutritional supplements


Fun ItWorks! Magic lipo-paper, wrap up like a 50% less fat fajita with these sensitive herbal allergy free light-speed fat busting detox wraps


NRG Tech Q-Link emotional balancing, emf protection, wearable health technology pendants, used by pro golfers

Cancer and chronic patients Follow the links to the shop or contact me for a solutions based consultation for any budget. Although most of our products have been scientifically researched and tested with chronic inflammation / cancer and have had positive results.