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If you have been looking for subtle energy medicine that will take you to the next level of conscious ability, awareness as well as the next level of health – check this line of products for their ordered activation of human DNA and basic cellular health.

View below the 6 stages of health and supplements starting with the cleanse/detox.

The stages are a range of monotomics and colloids that for many years have been ignored but are becoming more and more popular and known for their health benefits.

Find out why by test driving what i believe to be the future of medicine:



*Distributorships available for practitioners


2. Internal Cleansing – Complete detoxing / clearing out / instructional kits
How to cleanse in the proper order – a HUGE RANGE of premium products together in one package for around $275 – AMAZING!

3. Ayurveda – Indian herb / spice world

Specialised indian supplements and jing builders to reignite the fire of energy and life

4. Colloids – Liquids of diatomic structure
Topping up subtle lost elementals to rediscover the balance and edge

5. Etheriums – subtle energies raising awareness
Stronger awareness for mind body and soul – higher conductivity with these natural monotomics

6. BioChemical cell salts – getting deeper in touch with your inner Dr.
Recondition the bodies intelligence with a yin yang philosophy of nature, action and reaction

7. Monotomics and Spagyrics – The highest stage of supplementation without limits of effect